Our Company’s vision is to become a respected and leading global player in business. Atlantic Diversified (Holdings) and Execz wishes to be counted among the world’s best with regard to professionalism, ethics and integrity.

If you have any enquiries or require more information please contact the CEO of Execz: Errol Smith on 011 764 5373.

Company Profile

- Execz® is a division of Atlantic Diversified (Pty) ltd.
- We are registered with the department of labour.
- We recruits candidates for large corporations, mainly in:

Middle East
The United States
South Africa.

Our Mission:

- To develop above average human capital within organisations nationally
- Provide the best talent and services to an organisation.
- Ensure that a new incumbent will compliment the existing culture and structures within an organisation.
- Do substantial research into each candidate’s abilities and conduct scientific competency-based interviews (CBI) with each candidate before introduction.

Out Values:

We follow the four C's underpinning employee behaviours:

- 1. Be Courageous
- 2. Be Competitive
- 3. Be Consistent
- 4. And above all, be Caring.


With the figure 8 aimed at infinity we aim for sustainability:

- 1. Be Responsible
- 2. Assume leadership
- 3. Keep our promises
- 4. Value our employees
- 5. Extend the needs of our clients
- 6. Promote honesty and tranparency
- 7. Promote highest level of confidentiality
- 8. Maintain the highest levels of integrity and ethics

“Our mission is to be a Products and Services Centre of Excellence internationally, by constantly applying global best practice that will enable our clients to reach their strategic goals.”

Errol Smith - CEO Execz